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Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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What Are Features Of A Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

Actually they are not existed ten years before, and how they appear to be in current craze. We look into some specific features of mountain bikes simply known as “Fat bikes”. What describes a fat bike? While one doesn’t trust any official rules exist, there are a few usually accepted minimums: 
1. minimum cross section tires of 3.7” 
2. 100mm thick Bottom bracket shell
3. Rim width of 60mm or more 
Aside from those comparatively loose rules for fat tire mountain bike, there are fairly a few differences out there. It’s a slightly simple concept. Additional tires mean more power in loose situations. Fabulous wide tires “float” over sand and snow. One experience different If traveled on one of these bicycles. They might seem uncomfortably slow on flat roadway, but they’re the quickest bikes one will ever trip on deep sand and snow. As an addition, they’re great discussion mezes and generators of smiles with people you’ve not ever met. 
What provides a fork and Bent on fat tire mountain bike? The issues can be neglected from the tire thickness. If one rides a normal mountain bicycle 130mm-spaced rear hub, the chain cable would rub on the gigantic back tire.
  Fat bike

They had to discover a way to push all out to the right, to transfer the chain line and allow approval of the huge fatties. Solution is to offset the structure and fork. Some accepts 132mm spaced hubs together in the rear AND front. That’s correct – you can use dual rear hubs. The idea after this is that it permits you to use two whole rear wheels so you have a holdup driving wheel in case somewhat bad happens out in the wasteland. Plus, it would be an exciting challenge to fit a 3.5” tire across a standard 100mm spread out front fork and the problem is solved.
If the whole construction is offset, won’t the fat tire mountain bike be unbalanced? Would you turn in circles or tip over? Surely in order to answer for this as well – create a rim with equalizer spoke holes. This permits one to cord the wheels so rims are still in line with the middle of the bike, while also holding reasonable spoke positions. You’re counterbalancing the rims in the contradictory direction of the balance frame. 

Fat bike

Now about the tire selections, while we began with only a single, there are currently a surprising amount of choices. 
How far does a fat tire mountain bike charge?
It can differ, but prices usually start with estimation of around $1,500. Constructing a frame up from start is generally more costly than a ‘standard’ mountain bicycle due to the unusual and/or proprietary parts – 100mm BB, special hubs, special cranks, expensive tires and wide rims. 
How ample does a fat bicycle weigh?
This is one zone in which you can’t acquire around the rules of nature. This fat tire mountain bike is large. Big weighs added. Most standard fat bikes weigh among about 30 and 40 pounds, assuming it’s not burdened down with extra touring mechanism. 

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